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Re: [xmlblaster] queuing and dispatching messages

Hi Kevin,

Kevin Priebe wrote:
Hi Marcel,
thank you very much for answering our questions so far. We are
definitely making progress - subscription is working perfectly now! =)

We have written in Perl the queuing and batching functionalities, but we
think it'll be a lot cleaner (and make better use of xmlBlaster) if
xmlBlaster can take over.

Does xmlBlaster support queuing a message so that the message is sent
out at a specified time?

This is currently not implemented and would be a complex issue since there is only one client queue per session. Suppose it is 12:00 and the session publishes a message which has to be sent at 14:00. This message will be queued and all subsequent messages (which maybe have to be delivered immediately) will be queued too until 14:00.

If you mean send from client to xmlBlaster a better approach would be to add a publishQos attribute. Something like an activation time. The client would deliver the message to the xmlBlaster immediately. The message would become active (i.e. would be distributed to the interested clients and put into the history queue) at the specified activation time. This needs however further investigation.

Does xmlBlaster support batching a bunch of messages into one single

Not exaclty that but we support publishArr which sends messages in a bunch and on the update side there is the burst mode which you can set in the ConnectQos:

 <burstMode collectTime='400'/>

We looked into the dispatch plug-ins... are we on the right track?

Tanya and Kevin


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