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Re: [xmlblaster] queuing and dispatching messages

Hi again,
there is another possible approach:

you could write a MIME Publish plugin which keeps the messages for itself. By using a scheduler (for example quartz http://quartz.sourceforge.net/) the plugin could republish the message. If the receiver of the message needs to respond to the sender, you should put the sender address in the Client Properties (since now xmlBlaster will consider the sender of the message the the plugin).

Hope that helps

Kevin Priebe wrote:
Hi Marcel,
thank you very much for answering our questions so far. We are
definitely making progress - subscription is working perfectly now! =)

We have written in Perl the queuing and batching functionalities, but we
think it'll be a lot cleaner (and make better use of xmlBlaster) if
xmlBlaster can take over.

Does xmlBlaster support queuing a message so that the message is sent
out at a specified time?

Does xmlBlaster support batching a bunch of messages into one single

We looked into the dispatch plug-ins... are we on the right track?

Tanya and Kevin

Michele Laghi
mailto:laghi at swissinfo.org
tel. +46 8 7492952 / mob. +46 70 4103964