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Re: [xmlblaster] message payload affected by the transport protocol?...

Radu Maierean wrote:

for a quick test of an application that i am working on, i used the demo
found under


i tried to send this in the message payload:

<Sometag attribute="'single-quoted-value'"/>

what i received at the other end was:

<Sometag attribute=''single-quoted-value''/>

that means:
A. the message payload (or "contents", as you name it in the docs) just
happens to be an XML string
B. the value of one of my attributes in the payload contains single
quotes, and therefore the attribute delimitation marks are double quotes
C. either the demo java app, or the XmlBlaster server, decided to
interpret my message payload and to replace the double quotes of my
attribute delimiter with single quotes
D. result: the payload that i receive at the other end is not an XML
proper string anymore. (or at least expat, which is the xml parser that
crunches the message payload, cannot help me with this string.)

my understanding is that the payload of a message can be a blob, so it
only has to be passed over; it shouldnt be affected in any way by any
kind of processing. now if this replacement of single quotes with double
quotes takes place in the java demo, i wouldnt mind too much; but if the
XmlBlaster server is the one that does this, i'm in big trouble...

can any of you tell me who is modifying my message? escaping the double
quotes with &quot; doesnt help either... thanks.

No, the server won't touch it (only if you add a mime plugin and do it with purpose), try this:

java javaclients.HelloWorldPublish -content "<Sometag attribute=\"'single-quoted-value'\"/>"

java javaclients.HelloWorldSubscribe -xpath //key

The XmlScript parser does it, we should add CDATA support to it so that we are able to send:

    <key oid="1">
    <content><![CDATA[<Sometag attribute="'single-quoted-value'"/>]]</content>
  <disconnect />




Radu Maierean
JamboTECH phone: 818-676-3452
email: radu at jambotech.com

I haven't tried it but i think it's the client side script
parser which