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RE: [xmlblaster] message payload affected by the transport protocol?...

huh... nevermind then, it's not that critical at this stage of my
application. if the server has CDATA support, then i should be fine.


Radu Maierean
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Radu Maierean wrote:
> hi,
> for a quick test of an application that i am working on, i used the 
> demo found under
> xmlBlaster/demo/javaclients/script/XmlScript.java
> i tried to send this in the message payload:
> <Sometag attribute="'single-quoted-value'"/>
> what i received at the other end was:
> <Sometag attribute=''single-quoted-value''/>
> that means:
> A. the message payload (or "contents", as you name it in the docs) 
> just happens to be an XML string B. the value of one of my attributes 
> in the payload contains single quotes, and therefore the attribute 
> delimitation marks are double quotes C. either the demo java app, or 
> the XmlBlaster server, decided to interpret my message payload and to 
> replace the double quotes of my attribute delimiter with single quotes
> D. result: the payload that i receive at the other end is not an XML
> proper string anymore. (or at least expat, which is the xml parser
> crunches the message payload, cannot help me with this string.)
> my understanding is that the payload of a message can be a blob, so it

> only has to be passed over; it shouldnt be affected in any way by any 
> kind of processing. now if this replacement of single quotes with 
> double quotes takes place in the java demo, i wouldnt mind too much; 
> but if the XmlBlaster server is the one that does this, i'm in big 
> trouble...
> can any of you tell me who is modifying my message? escaping the 
> double quotes with &quot; doesnt help either... thanks.

No, the server won't touch it (only if you add a mime plugin and do it
with purpose), try this:

java javaclients.HelloWorldPublish -content "<Sometag

java javaclients.HelloWorldSubscribe -xpath //key

The XmlScript parser does it, we should add CDATA support to it so that
we are able to send:

     <key oid="1">
   <disconnect />



> r
> Radu Maierean
> JamboTECH
> phone: 818-676-3452
> email: radu at jambotech.com
I haven't tried it but i think it's the client side script parser which