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Re: [xmlblaster] ANNOUNCE xmlBlaster release 1.RC3 *stable*

On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 06:44:06PM +0100, Marcel Ruff wrote:
> Hi,
> xmlBlaster version 1.RC3 *stable* is available.
> This is the third release candidate for version 1.0.
> We plan to release version 1.0 in a few days.
> Please download this version and test it in your environment
> a.s.a.p and report all problems to our mailing list,
> it is the last chance to add fixes for version 1.0.
> Having covered your problems for 1.0 is for your own benefit.


I have found one issue, not sure if it's a show stopper, but
it is rather messy...

The c/c++ source code all assumes it can use the constants
LOG_INFO, LOG_ERROR, etc freely (src/c/util/helper.h, for example,
similar in c++ section).

Unfortunately, every unix syslog.h pre-defined some of those constants
on you many decades ago...

I cannot build anything against the xmlblaster c/c++ libraries if I
need to include syslog support in my application (parse errors in
xmlblaster header files is the result).

I would recommend renaming those constants (XBLOG_xxx maybe?), or
using the syslog.h versions instead.

David Kerry