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Re: [xmlblaster] ANNOUNCE xmlBlaster release 1.RC3 *stable*

David Kerry wrote:
On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 06:44:06PM +0100, Marcel Ruff wrote:


xmlBlaster version 1.RC3 *stable* is available.

This is the third release candidate for version 1.0. We plan to release version 1.0 in a few days.

Please download this version and test it in your environment
a.s.a.p and report all problems to our mailing list,
it is the last chance to add fixes for version 1.0.
Having covered your problems for 1.0 is for your own benefit.



I have found one issue, not sure if it's a show stopper, but
it is rather messy...

The c/c++ source code all assumes it can use the constants
LOG_INFO, LOG_ERROR, etc freely (src/c/util/helper.h, for example,
similar in c++ section).

Unfortunately, every unix syslog.h pre-defined some of those constants
on you many decades ago...

I cannot build anything against the xmlblaster c/c++ libraries if I
need to include syslog support in my application (parse errors in
xmlblaster header files is the result).

I would recommend renaming those constants (XBLOG_xxx maybe?), or
using the syslog.h versions instead.

Hi David,

thank you for the feedback.
We have changed our enum to have the XMLBLASTER_ prefix.
Usually nobody uses our internal logging so the change
is for most cases backward compatible.