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[xmlblaster] Serialization


This is more of a suggestion...

XmlBlaster provides a great Open source MOM.. one can send messages, subscribe based on regular expressions or XPath queries .. we have well defined topics and Qos, still my main doubt has to do with the content!

We're sending xml in our messages.. we could have put it into the topic.. or part of it as properties in the Qos.. still it makes more sense to have it in the content of the message.

What we feel is missing is serialization for sending objects betwee different clients.

We have a Java application running and communicating with a C++ application .. still there is no "easy" way to exchange objects ...

We've chosen XStream to provide Java side Xml serialization .. but couldn't find any OpenSource project for providing the same thing with JAVA and C++..

How have those who used xmlBlaster in their projects dealt with this? Have you created parsers?