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Re: [xmlblaster] [Newbie]log dynamicaly xmlBlaster into a browser

eClaire wrote:
Thanks for answer

The other question about your browser output i don't understand, what do you want to do?

I would like to have the output (log events) into webbrowser. I would like to have the logs refreshed automaticaly (with out the user having to refresh). (Or performe the "tail -f" command through webbrowser). Am I more clear?

I would like to have the same result as in console but in browser...


You have two tasks:

1. The data source (like logging output or 'tail -f' or a java code simulating
   a tail -f with file.seek() etc) publishes new lines or logging output
   to xmlBlaster.

2. The data sink (in your case one or many browsers) which subscribes to those
   messages and displays them

The implementation is stright forward as mentioned above.

The only tricky part is how to get 'real time' events into the
browser (usually by a persistent http connection) and how to update
the arriving lines in the browser window (usually by javascript
adding the lines to the current html document (DHTML)).

For 'real time' browser callback see our example (works fine in mozilla/firefox/netscape):


and the description at:




-- http://www.xmlBlaster.org