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[xmlblaster] Cluster peers


I couldn't figure this out from the reference book and didn't find anything on the mailing list --

How can I setup two nodes in a cluster to be peers? I'd like to put two machines behind a load balancer, so that any client could publish a message, but it might end up on one of the two machines depending on where the load balancer sends it. Also, subscribers would connect via the load balancer, so any subscriber might end up on one of the two machines. But, I need any message published to any of the two machines to be receieved by all subscribers, so if a client connects publishes to server 'A', subscribers on server 'A' AND on server 'B' get copies of the message.

Finally, if possible, I'd like these two nodes to be slaves to a pair of masters, so that both the two slaves that are peered AND the two masters (also peered) are getting copies of messages.