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Re: [xmlblaster] Errors when testing C-API

Jan Petranek wrote:

thanks for your answer, Marcel, after some messing around, I found out the mistake was on my side of the keyboard. (you may skip the next section).

I want an application with some message classes, these map to the OIDs. But the clients should also be able to subscribe to certain messages only, which match some XPATH. So, I decided to put the entire message content into the key field and let the subscribers subcribe via XPATH. This led to another behaviour: The keys are considered constant in XB and as long as the oid does not change, XB does not evaluate the key's xml-children. So, I generated a new key oid for each message. This in turn costs XB a lot of overhead, and after some while, the applications started misbehaving.

Well, finally the MIME plugin for XPATH enlightened me, so I switched everything to this model and XB works fine ;-)

But if you are still interested in this insane stress-test, I'll be happy to send you the code.
Yes please, send it to me directly,



Ashes on my head,

Jan Petranek