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Re: [xmlblaster] Errors when testing C-API

Hi Vaughn,
sorry if we answer only now, I guess everybody is busy these days ...

I had a look at your problem and I believe your '<' and '>' signs are interpreted by the operating system as redirect commands. Try to wrap the xpath query inside a "" like:


I checked this with our demo/queryXML/DomQueryTest and it worked for me (after having had the same behaviour as you described before using the ").


Vaughn Combs wrote:
I wonder if either of you have any comments on this
one. I posted this one almost 2 weeks ago but havent
heard any responses:

I notice that, for my added metadata :

<key oid='Pubber'>


<content size='2'>
<rcvTimestamp nanos='1112448326390000000'/>
<queue index='0' size='1'/>

I have expected results for the following predicate:

/xmlBlaster/key[metadata/BasicTemporal/beginning_date_time_group/hour_time>=21 ]

but for:


I get the following exception upon submission of the subscription:

org.infospherics.commonAPI.impl.exception.PlatformFailureException: XmlBlasterException errorCode=[resource.configuration] serverSideException=false location=[SaxHandlerBase.parse()] message=[#exported Error while SAX parsing :1:-1 : org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The content beginning "<2" is not legal markup. Perhaps the "2" ( ) character should be a letter.] [See URL http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/admin.errorcodes.listing.html#resource.configuration]

Any ideas or suggestions?

Many Thanks,


--- Jan Petranek <jan at petranek.de> wrote:


thanks for your answer, Marcel, after some messing
around, I found out the mistake was on my side of the keyboard. (you may
skip the next section).

I want an application with some message classes,
these map to the OIDs. But the clients should also be able to subscribe to
certain messages only, which match some XPATH. So, I decided to put the entire
message content into the key field and let the subscribers subcribe via
XPATH. This led to another behaviour: The keys are considered constant in XB
and as long as the oid does not change, XB does not evaluate the key's
xml-children. So, I generated a new key oid for each message. This in turn costs XB
a lot of overhead, and after some while, the applications started

Well, finally the MIME plugin for XPATH enlightened
me, so I switched everything to this model and XB works fine ;-)

But if you are still interested in this insane
stress-test, I'll be happy to send you the code.

Ashes on my head,

Jan Petranek

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