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Re: [xmlblaster] Errors when testing C-API

Am Freitag, 15. April 2005 15:44 schrieb Vaughn Combs:
> You are quite right. It is not a shell problem. I am
> supplying the predicate strings from within my Java
> client code and, as you correctly point out < is a
> problem while > is not. Any ideas as to how I may
> represent the predicate in a way that may be
> acceptable to the SAX parser?  I tried both " and '
> both of which cause problems.
> Thanks,
> Vaughn

You are lucky, there is a solution: As in html, you can use character entities 
to substitute certain characters. So, you simply replace 
"<" by "&lt;" and
">" by "&gt;"

This keeps the SAX-Parser from interpreting "x<4.5" as a broken markup. And 
XmlBlaster seems intelligent enough to expand those character entities, 
before evaluating the XPATH-Expression. 

(I just ran a quick test and it seemed to work)

Have a nice weekend,

Jan Petranek