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Re: [xmlblaster] Errors when testing C-API

Hi Vaughn,

Am Samstag, 16. April 2005 14:05 schrieb Vaughn Combs:
> Many Thanks. I tried it and it seems like they are
> transforming &lt; to < at some point.

Question is, where does this substitution happen.

> Here is the predicate that I am submitting:
> Submitted Predicate:
> /xmlBlaster/key[metadata/BasicTemporal/beginning_date_time_
> group/hour_time &lt; 22 ]
> and the exception that it pushes back is:
> org.infospherics.commonAPI.impl.exception.PlatformFailureException:
> XmlBlasterEx
> ception errorCode=[resource.configuration]
> serverSideException=true location=[Sa
> xHandlerBase.parse()] message=[#exported Error while
> SAX parsing :3:-1 : org.xml
> .sax.SAXParseException: The content beginning "< " is
> not legal markup. Perhaps
> the " " (&#20;) character should be a letter.] [See
> URL http://www.xmlblaster.or
> g/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/admin.errorcodes.listing.html#resource.config
>urati on]
>         at
> mil.af.rl.jbi.platform.shared.capi.core.plugin.xmlblaster.BlasterList
> ener.<init>(SubscriberSequenceReceptor.java:184)
>         at
> mil.af.rl.jbi.platform.shared.capi.core.plugin.xmlblaster.SubscriberS
> equenceReceptor.init(SubscriberSequenceReceptor.java:80)
>         at
> mil.af.rl.jbi.platform.client.capi.core.plugin.xmlblaster.SubscriberS
> equence.activateSequence(SubscriberSequence.java:301)
>         at
> mil.af.rl.jbi.platform.client.capi.impl.SubscriberSequence.activateSe
> quence(SubscriberSequence.java:316)
>         at
> mil.af.rl.jbi.commonAPI.impl.jms.tests.sub.SubTest.main(SubTest.java:
> 140)
> I wonder if there is something wrong in how I am
> invoking the interface. Here is the code:
> System.out.println("\n\n\nSubmitted Predicate:
> "+submitPredicate+"\n\n\n");
> this.con.subscribe("<key
> oid='"+this.type+"#"+this.version+"'
> queryType='XPATH'>"+
>            submitPredicate+"</key>", "<qos/>");
> If it works for you then I must be doing something
> wrong. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

It seems to work, but I use the C-API and the socket-connection. The 
transmitted subscription is:

[client] Subscribe key: <key queryType='XPATH'>//*[local-name()='Impact' and 
[client] Subscribe qos: <qos> <content>true</content> 
[client] Subscribe success, returned status is '
  <subscribe id='__subId:XPATH1113674459065000000'/>

This seems to work here, whereas a subscription with 
[client] Subscribe key: <key queryType='XPATH'>//*[local-name()='Impact' and 
produces pretty much the same error as you receive. 

It seems, the Java-API substitutes the entities, before the SAX-Parser gets 
it. You might try to find out, if it is the client, who substitutes the 
entities by running a network sniffer (e.g. ethereal) to monitor the 
subscription. (This is pretty straightforward with the socket-API, as the 
subscription messages are in plain text).

Which connections do you use?

These differences between the C-API and the JAVA-API could indicate a bug in 
the Java-API. Well, until somebody fixes this, you could just write your  
This is just an ugly work-around, sorry I don't have a real solution.

Enjoy your weekend nevertheless,

Jan Petranek