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Re: [xmlblaster] C++ Client SQL92 filter

Nelson Silva wrote:


I've been cracking my head over this for a while but to no avail... :

[25/Jul/2005 20:42:17 WARN XmlBlaster.SOCKET.tcpListener-nfgs RequestBroker-/node/xmlBlaster_127_0_0_1_3412] Generating dead message 'callback:/node/xmlBlaster_127_0_0_1_3412/client/nfgs/-3/NORM/1122320537735000000/SimpleChat' from publisher=/node/xmlBlaster_127_0_0_1_3412/client/nfgs/-2 because delivery with queue 'null' failed:

Mime access filter 'Sql92Filter' for message 'SimpleChat/2005-07-25 20:42:17.707' from sender '/node/xmlBlaster_127_0_0_1_3412/client/nfgs/-2' to subscriber '/node/xmlBlaster_127_0_0_1_3412/client/nfgs/-3' threw an exception, we don't deliver the message to the subscriber: errorCode=user.illegalArgument message=#exported You have invoked a server method with illegal arguments. -> http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/admin.errorcodes.listing.html#user.illegalArgument

What's happening here ? I have the same thing working in JAVA without problems. I even compiled the C++ client library with SQLite support thinking it might solve it...

Hi Silva,

could you please send me the published message and the
sql query of the subscriber?
Which version do you use, on which OS?