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Re: [xmlblaster] FilePoller

Hi Meinrad,
You are right: in fact the "move" operation did not work on remotely mounted file systems (and did not even throw an exception).

It now throws an exception when this is not supported and I have added a new configuration parameter 'copyOnMove' to support this.

In your case you could set this to true. This is more expensive since it really copies every processed file (instead of just renaming it) but it works well on samba mounted file systems.

On how to configure:

You need to checkout the newest code from svn.

Thanks for reporting



Meinrad Teufel wrote:
I am trying to use the FilePoller on Linux.
It works very good if i use the local file system for polling directory and send direktory.
If I use a mounted directory from a remote host (through smbmount or mount) for the "polling directory", there are some problems.
The files found through the file poller are not moved to the "send directory" (this is a local file system directory).
There are no exceptions for possible read or write access denied, only following outputs with loglevel call:

[02.09.2005 14:45:22 CALL XmlBlaster.SOCKET.tcpListener-tims Parser] Entering parse()
[02.09.2005 14:45:22 CALL FileSystem-Poller Publisher-FilePollerPlugin] timeout
[02.09.2005 14:45:22 CALL FileSystem-Poller Publisher-FilePollerPlugin] doPublish
[02.09.2005 14:45:22 CALL FileSystem-Poller DirectoryManager-FilePollerPlugin] getEntries
[02.09.2005 14:45:22 CALL FileSystem-Poller DirectoryManager-FilePollerPlugin] prepareEntries
[02.09.2005 14:45:27 CALL FileSystem-Poller Publisher-FilePollerPlugin] timeout
[02.09.2005 14:45:27 CALL FileSystem-Poller Publisher-FilePollerPlugin] doPublish
[02.09.2005 14:45:27 CALL FileSystem-Poller DirectoryManager-FilePollerPlugin] getEntries
[02.09.2005 14:45:27 CALL FileSystem-Poller DirectoryManager-FilePollerPlugin] prepareEntries
[02.09.2005 14:45:27 CALL FileSystem-Poller DirectoryManager-FilePollerPlugin] getContent '/home/teufel/Entwicklung/workspace/tims/local/ZBAA/pictures/ext_src/test.6.html'

[02.09.2005 14:45:27 CALL FileSystem-Poller PublishQueueEntry] Created: 1125665127437000000
[02.09.2005 14:45:27 CALL FileSystem-Poller DispatchWorker-connection:client/tims] Starting push remote dispatch of 1 entries.
[02.09.2005 14:45:27 CALL FileSystem-Poller DispatchConnection-connection:client/tims] send(msgArr.length=1)
[02.09.2005 14:45:27 CALL FileSystem-Poller LocalConnection-/node/xmlBlaster_172_27_1_7_0/client/tims/-2] Entering publishArr: id=sessionId:
[02.09.2005 14:45:27 CALL FileSystem-Poller XmlBlasterImpl] Entering publishArr()
[02.09.2005 14:45:27 CALL FileSystem-Poller RequestBroker] Entering publish(oid='com.avitech-ag.tims.docus', contentMime='text/plain', contentMimeExtended='null' domain='null' from client '/node/xmlBlaster_172_27_1_7_0/client/tims/-2' ...
[02.09.2005 14:45:27 CALL FileSystem-Poller TopicHandler/topic/com.avitech-ag.tims.docus] Entering entryDestroyed(com.avitech-ag.tims.docus/2005-09-02 14:44:36.876)
[02.09.2005 14:45:27 CALL FileSystem-Poller MapPlugin-msgUnitStore:xmlBlaster_172_27_1_7_0/com.avitech-ag.tims.docus] remove(com.avitech-ag.tims.docus/2005-09-02 14:44:36.876)
[02.09.2005 14:45:27 CALL FileSystem-Poller MapPlugin-msgUnitStore:xmlBlaster_172_27_1_7_0/com.avitech-ag.tims.docus] put(com.avitech-ag.tims.docus/2005-09-02 14:45:27.439)
[02.09.2005 14:45:27 CALL FileSystem-Poller DirectoryManager-FilePollerPlugin] removeEntry '/home/teufel/Entwicklung/workspace/tims/local/ZBAA/pictures/ext_src/test.6.html'

Regards Meinrad