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Re: [xmlblaster] administrative tools? Aditional question (urgent)

Hi Catarino,
there is no such command as killTopic. You don't need the administrative interface to erase a topic. Try our Xml Scripting facility:

Store the following into thisFile.xml and invoke it as in the comment below:

<!-- start of file -->
   java javaclients.script.XmlScript -requestFile thisFile.xml

  <erase><key oid="testOID196"></key><qos><force/></qos></erase>
  <wait delay="200" />
  <disconnect />

<!-- end of file -->

Regards Michele

Eduardo Catarino wrote:
Hi Michele,

	Again I tried as you said and now it worked (It must been something that I was misspelling). So I'm now able to kill the sessions that I don't want anymore. However after that, I tried to delete all the persistent topics that are still around but I don't know the right command. (I looked in the documentation and I tried for example "get topic/testOID196/?killTopic" but the topic is still there. Again could you explain me how to do it?

Best regards,
Eduardo Catarino

PS - Thanks for your fast answer

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Hi Eduardo,

you can change the maximum number of simultaneous sessions per client (subject) according to:


It seems however you want to kill some other sessions which lets me presume you have sessions around which you don't want anymore. I think you did not invoke disconnect on these when stopping the client and you used either failsafe or persitent sessions. More about these at:


if you used positive sessionIds then you could login again and invoke shutdown.

Explicitly killing the sessions should also be possible over telnet with


You said it is not possible. Are you getting any exceptions ?

A further alternative (the prefered one) is to use jmx:


Regards Michele

Eduardo Catarino wrote:


I'm steel in process of learning while developing a small application with the xmlBlaster. Because I'm always making tests I facing the problem that my connections are being refused by the xmlBlaster server (Max session error). I already tried to use the telnet but my commands aren't accepted.

Can someone explain me haw should I use them properly. Is there any other method to kill the all the sessions?

Best Regards

Eduardo Catarino