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Re: [xmlblaster] Change xmlBlaster to JDK 1.5 (and above) only


As a developer I am favorable to such a step. It offers more possibilities for the development but I see the strongest benefit in having a reduced maintainance effort particularly when it comes to testing.

Some of the question I rise however are:

1. Are there any platforms/environments for which we know there is no jdk1.5 available (for example as far as I know there is no jdk1.5 from IBM) ?

2. Shall we keep the client library be jdk1.4 compliant ?

3. If 2. applies, shall we keep backwards compatibility for a mixed environment for example an "old" client running on a jdk1.4 and a "new" server running on jdk1.5 ?


the I am favorable to such a
Marcel Ruff wrote:
Hi all,

we would like to migrate xmlBlaster to JDK 1.5 or above only
to have the many more possibility available there.
The last JDK1.3 backward compatible release will be 1.0.7.

This covers the Java server and client implementation.

If there are any concerns with this migration please
respond to the xmlblaster at server.xmlBlaster.org mailing list
until latest Friday Oct, 14 2005.

Please note any details with your concerns so we can
discuss solutions in depth.