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[xmlblaster] Applet configuration problems (simple question)

Hi to all,


            In all applet examples I used the directory structure that comes with the standard distribution. However I now need to place my class files in a different directory. I tried to use the tag CODEBASE to specify the new location, but this is not working. For example, in the HelloWorld3, if I use:






      <h2>Hello World 3 Applet</h2>

      <applet code="http.applet.HelloWorld3.class" CODEBASE="" ß-------( the new directory)

           width="700" height="200"




         <param name="deliveredParamKeys" value="protocol,dispatch/connection/plugin/socket/hostname" />

         <param name="protocol" value="SOCKET" />

         <param name="dispatch/connection/plugin/socket/hostname" value="localhost" />

         <param name="xmlBlaster/logLevels" value="ERROR,WARN,INFO" />





But this is not working.


I think this is a trivial question so if someone could help me it would be great.


Best regards to all,

Eduardo Catarino