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[xmlblaster] coming back after years in space ;o)

Hello everybody,

I would like to stay in touch with this fabulous software for years, but my profesionnal life did not agree.
Fortunately ... Just today I've found many arguments to use xmlBlaster for a just starting project.
I'm very happy ;o)

I'll explain this project later. Now, late in the night, I've to finish a little demo to persuade my entourage that xmlBlaster is THE solution.
At first, I've to make a blaster client for Macromedia Flash. So, I've found some XML-RPC libraries on the net for Flash. I'll try later to make a SOCKET client, if it is possible...

This coming back email is not free ;o)
It cost an answer to my problem !

So, my little demo is working fine ... no, not at all.
It can login into xmlBlaster, but a following get() faile with a :
   java.lang.Exception: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: expected Element

Here are some peaces of pseudo-ActionScript code.
Shure, you should not understand the code, but xml strings should talk to you ...

=== the Successed Login() :

qos= '<qos><session name="ben/3" timeout="3600000" maxSessions="10" clearSessions="false" connectSameClientOnly="false"></session></qos>' ;
Conn.AddParameter( qos ,XMLRPC.types.STRING);
(* here I put the returned sessionid in a variable for future calls. *)
(* In xmlBlaster's log I can see that the login has successed without any problem *)

=== the Failed Get() :

Conn.AddParameter( sessionID, XMLRPC.types.STRING);
Conn.AddParameter( query,XMLRPC.types.STRING );
query = "<key oid='__cmd:?version'/>";

The returned error is :
java.lang.Exception: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: expected Element

Is there some one that can see my error ?
Thanks a lot.

Cyrille, the old perl/php coder.