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Re: [xmlblaster] connect failed, but xmlrpc faultcode = 0

Marcel Ruff wrote:

When our XmlRpc server implementation has problems it throws an XmlBlasterException.
The used XmlRpc framework calls xmlBlasterException.toString() which produces the
<value> you have noted below.
I don't think we can influence the <int>0</int> like this.
From reading the spec it seems to be perfectly legal to send a fault code of 0.
The rule is simple: if there is a <fault> tag then we have a problem.

Hello Marcel,

Ok, but ...
Some XmlRpc implementations encapsulate the server's response in a class. That class has faultCode and faultString accessors.
So I can't test is there is a fault by a int test like if( res.faultCode!=0), I've to do a string comparaison like if( res.faultString!="").

It is not a problem, but it makes res.faultCode not informational, not usable.

Thanks for all your answers.

have a good coffee,