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Re: [xmlblaster] what is the "Streaming mode"

Hi Cyrille,
Cyrille Giquello wrote:
> Michele wrote:
>> That's one of the glamourous ideas which shall turn into something more
>> concrete.
>> It would be send messages in a streamwise fashion, that is publish very
>> large messages or even messages which never finish like a video stream.
>> The low level would then send/publish these as small chunk messages but
>> fully transparently to the user (he would handle these as streams).
> Really ? Thats fun ;o)
> But what's for ? Is it a scientific practice or is there a real
> application under that idea ?
These days everything is for real ;) The current use case is sending
large messages (20-100 MB) using the email protocol. Every email has an
allowed maximum size of 2 MB.

This was the real part, the visionary part could be to use it for video
streaming in a pub/sub approach.

> Alors, bon courage !
Merci, ce n'est pas le courage qui manque, c'est le temps ;)
> Cyrille.
Mery Christmas