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[xmlblaster] Re: Help! can xmlblaster do this?

Hi Wu,

1. If the client can get outside without a proxy just use the SOCKET protocol layer,
see the drawing at


and see the java command line examples:


all asynchronous callbacks will be tunneled back in the outgoing socket connection.

2. If you only have email access to the outside world you can transparently use the
email protocol (also for asynchronous callbacks). see


3. You can as well use our tiny applet library which can be configured to use
a http proxy and receive asynchronous callbacks as well:


It shouldn't be too hard to use this library outside of applets in an ordinary
java client.

So you have many options to choose from :-)

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best regards

wu kx wrote:
This is an important requirement of client communication pattern. My
application is in C/S mode , the server have public ip address for
overworld's access, but the client is behind the firewall and only has
private ip, so callback server can't be established at client side .
But I want to use the subscribe method to get asynchronous message by
update(). So the client 's connection must be kept for xmlblaster to
send update msg through it. I have read almost all documents of
xmlblaster , but can not find how to implement this , only HTTP
monitor can do like this, but my application is not web page.
can anyone help us?

I have post the email in mail list ,but nobody reply me . So I have to
ask you for help, I'm urgent to decide if to use xmlblaster in our
project. Thanks!