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[xmlblaster] Announce: HOT: DB Replication and JXM Monitoring

Hi XmlBlasters,
a happy new year to all of you !!!

As a new year gift here two more features:

The first is a further adaptor for jmx: This adaptor generates xml
responses on http requests which can be processed/transformed with xsl
stylesheets. It is quite easy to use and highly costumizable, make it an
ideal approach for tailored business specific monitoring. More on the

The second is a framework to replicate data from one database to
another. An extensive flexible and extensible framework can be found in
the org.xmlBlaster.contrib.replication package. This framework allows
you among other things to replicate data from one database of a
particular vendor to one of another vendor in a portable fashion. The
data can be modified, filtered and transported over the most unthinkable
communication protocols. Yes you can even replicate entire databases via
emails and over the most fancy firewalls and security gateways.
As always, it is unnecessary but anyway worth to say that failsafe- and
correct sequence delivery are guaranteed even on unreliable
communication channels.
requirement shows a simple usage.

Buon Appetito !