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Re: [xmlblaster] Can't get applet running again...

chris lau wrote:
I seem to have a problem with my applet not working anymore. I turned on logging on the server and
on the client and it seems that it is failing on the
..\client\protocol\http\common\PersistentRequest.java statement ois.readObject(); //e.g. "Update"

The client logs show:
Waiting for connect() to establish ...
writeCookie: original cookie: null
doPost=true, sending 'http://localhost:8080/xmlBlaster/AppletServlet?appletInstanceCount=1' with
request 'ActionType=dummyToCreateASessionId' ...
readCookie: Cookie : null
readCookie: Set-Cookie : JSESSIONID=024B9770840434CF1A45F1A28C9C9E6F; Path=/xmlBlaster
extractCookies: (key='JSESSIONID', val='024B9770840434CF1A45F1A28C9C9E6F')
extractCookies: (key='Path', val='/xmlBlaster')
Return value for 'ActionType=dummyToCreateASessionId' =
POST, send 'dummyToCreateASessionId' -> returned 'OK-1137628201780'
writeCookie: original cookie: {Path=/xmlBlaster, JSESSIONID=024B9770840434CF1A45F1A28C9C9E6F}
POST, sending 'http://localhost:8080/xmlBlaster/AppletServlet?appletInstanceCount=1' ...
Creating now a persistent connection to
readCookie: Cookie : null
readCookie: Set-Cookie : null
Receiving Base64: <
with length 1
Parsing now: <[B at 17> with length 0
Receiving Base64: <--End
with length 6
Receiving Base64: <AAAAAAAEcGluZwAAAAAAEzxxb3MgaWQ9J3JlZnJlc2gnLz4=
with length 49
Parsing now: <[B at 18> with length 35
Receiving method...
Received method 'ping'
Received ping '<qos id='refresh'/>'
Receiving Base64: <--End
with length 6
Receiving Base64: < AAAAAAAEcGluZwAAAAAAGjxxb3MgaWQ9J2xvZ2luU3VjY2VlZGVkJy8+
Could it be the newline (after the <)?

with length 130
Parsing now: <[B at 19> with length 97
Receiving method...
Can't handle exception: java.io.IOException: object of type with code='-1' is not supported

I've added additional log messages to see exactly where it is dying. But what is this java.io.IOException message mean?

If you want to see the server logs, let me know as they are quite long.


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