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[xmlblaster] create subscribtion for another user

Hello xmlblaster's users and all developpers,

I would like to know if it is possible to create/add topic's subscribtions for another user.
I need that functionnality because userB does not know about topic, but userA know that userB need messages from that topic.

Here are some deeper details of my needs :
- there are a lot of userB and I would like to minize message broadcast.
- userA make some groups of userB.
- userB does not know in which group it belongs.
- userA want to send messages to groups.
- so userA create/add some topic's subscribtions for each userB (which is/are already logged or not logged yet).
- userA publish some messages on topic.
- userB logged in and get updates for that topic.

Do you think it is possible, or is there another way to resolve my need ???

Thanks a lot for your lights.