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Re: [xmlblaster] publish - publishOneWay

Hi Kai,

Kai wrote:
> Hi there,
> if I subscribe to the topuc "test" and I send after that a message with
> oid "test" then I receive two messages. Why is that?
Certainly one of them is the last published message on that topic (you
can inhibit that by passing <initialUpdate>false</initialUpdate> in your
subscribeQos. The other message could be a login event but without
seeing it its just a guess.

> Another question is about the login. If I connect and the server is down
> the client stores the login message in its persistance queue and sends
> it when the server is up. How will be the client be notified, that the
> connection was established? Through the P2P update callback?

The method reachedAlive of your own implementation of
I_ConnectionStateListener will be invoked (don't forget to register it)

see for example the first example in

> Regards Kai