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[xmlblaster] Changed from jutils-logging to java.util.logging framework


over this restless weekend we have changed the logging framework in xmlBlaster.

We have removed the jutils logging and replaced it by java.util.logging.

Take care:

1) If you do a 'svn update' please remove the directory

 rm -rf src/java/org/xmlBlaster/util/log

first, svn couldn't handle our removing and re-adding of this directory.

2) If you have coded your own xmlBlaster plugins

If you have written your own plugins and are upgrading from xmlBlaster before 1.1.1,
your plugins will not compile anymore as the org.jutils package is removed.
You can manually change your logging code to java.utils.logging, or if you prefer,
try our helper script like
|$XMLBLASTER_HOME/bin/convertJutilsToJavaLogging.sh MyPluing.java|.
It will do its best to convert your java code (here MyPlugin.java).
Just keep a backup of your java files in case the script does not do what you expect it to do.

The new configuration is done in xmlBlaster/config/logging.properties

For more details please read