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[xmlblaster] replication control webpage error localhost:9999

I am a new user for XmlBlaster, I used it for a project in my faculty of IT Engineer.
My project deals with replication issue and I have found XmlBlaster a best choice.
Ok, the problem appears, when I 'll open the Internet Explorer for the url: localhost:9999 to control the replication I got an error telling me that the it doesn't exist an xslt file because it name I think is generated in a bad way with an adititonal Backslash key '\'. (the error picture is attached with email.)
I put all what you explain in the replication tutorial for enabling the plugins and ...
Moreover, I can tell you that I have run the replication demo examples with oracle 9i, and it work. but this web page displaying generates error.
so please tell me what is the reason?