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[Fwd: [xmlblaster] oid or xml key ?]


I've come up with this explanation so far:

- The server has TopicHandlers and has a queue for each topic.
- These topics/queues are identified by an oid
- There are several messages in a queue.
- Clients subscribe to these topics/queues with exact queries or using access filters.

My question now is.. can i subscribe to a single topic many times using different XPath queries on the Qos and having a different callback for each subscription?
I'm thinking of using multiple subscribes and the XPath Qos queries available in the subversion repository...

Hope i'm on the rigth path .. any comment/suggestions are welcome =)



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We've been using oid keys like "Stroke", "Object", etc .. but found that this way message history was lost.

We've switched to xmlkey messages and XPath subscriptions but it is confusing to find that a new "topic" is created for each new "oid".

If the oid is the message identifier shouldn't there be many messages under a given topic ?

We were used to using jconsole for analyzing the topics, but now there are just too many...

What is the best approach to use in this case ? Perhaps we missunderstood some of the basic concepts....



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