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Re: [xmlblaster] oid or xml key ?

Nelson Silva wrote:

We've been using oid keys like "Stroke", "Object", etc .. but found that this way message history was lost.

We've switched to xmlkey messages and XPath subscriptions but it is confusing to find that a new "topic" is created for each new "oid".

If the oid is the message identifier shouldn't there be many messages under a given topic ?

We were used to using jconsole for analyzing the topics, but now there are just too many...

What is the best approach to use in this case ? Perhaps we missunderstood some of the basic concepts....




usually you limit topics to well named instances,
in most use cases you will have some 10 to 100 topics only.

In each topic (named with a unique oid) you can hold the history of traversed
message instances, the default is 10 but can be adjusted
to say 10000.
But, working with such history entries is not a main goal
of xmlBlaster.

XmlBlaster is no database for huge amount of static data,
other products are better in this area (like oracle).
It is rather an engine for distributed events, and
in this arena it is very powerful.