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Re: [xmlblaster] replication control webpage error localhost:9999

Thanks Michele,
But I am new to this system, and I don't know how to access the svn repository. And I have to tell you that I have found the error in the class
"org.xmlBlaster.contrib.jmx.MX4JAdaptor" which generates the new name of the xslt files after adding it the prefix, but the bug appear because the sperator character of the file in windows is '\\' and it uses the '/' before some files like /serverbydomain. I correct the error and everything is ok, but new error occur when I start initiate replication and this error appear in the webpage without details.
Can I ask that replication isn't tested well over Windows system?
Ok, I 'll wait your replay,
thank you very much.

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Hi Haytham,
The problem is now fixed and the changes committed. You can check it out
from the svn repository.


Haytham Mohtasseb Billah wrote:
I am a new user for XmlBlaster, I used it for a project in my faculty
of IT Engineer.
My project deals with replication issue and I have found XmlBlaster a
best choice.
Ok, the problem appears, when I 'll open the Internet Explorer for the
url: localhost:9999 to control the replication I got an error telling me
that the it doesn't exist an xslt file because it name I think is
generated in a bad way with an adititonal Backslash key '\'. (the error
picture is attached with email.)
I put all what you explain in the replication tutorial for enabling the
plugins and ...
Moreover, I can tell you that I have run the replication demo examples
with oracle 9i, and it work. but this web page displaying generates error.
so please tell me what is the reason?