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Re: [xmlblaster] A fix for a handle leak

Matthew Sargent wrote:

We are seeing some strange intermittent behavior: When there has been any
interruption in network connectivity between an xmlBlaster server and a
client, (or other xmlBlaster server) we can not reconnect to the server.
Which programming language, which protocol?
Can you send me the logging output?
Sometimes when we try to stop the windows service (wrapper) that is running
the xmlBlaster server, it will not die and we must kill the process from the
Could you please try to get a stack trace in such a case?
Try to use Ctrl-break or the jconsole.
Which listeners are active (XML-RPC, SOCKET, CORBA, remote console etc)?
I know that sometimes the telnet server (remote console) we use loops on shutdown (http://wttools.sourceforge.net/).
Further i have noted that the Apache XML-RPC server sometimes loops for some seconds during shutdown.
I would recommend to switch off any protocol you don't need.

task manager. Would this bug fix possibly cause any of what we are seeing?
We are running xmlBlaster 1.2