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[xmlblaster] thread/mem leak?

Hello Folks!

Some days ago I began to experience OutOfMemoryExceptions with my XmlBlaster server instance. It's not the newest version (will try that now though). The interesting thing is that is began only a few days ago, before that there were no problems, I had my server running for many weeks. In my use case there are many non-persistent, small messages to one topic. After I got the exception I dumped the state of the server and the thread list looked like this (which, I think, is the cause for the problem):

    Thread Group: main  Max Priority: 10                                                                                                                                 
        Thread: XmlBlaster.MainThread  Priority: 5                                                                                                                       
        Thread: XmlBlaster.SessionTimer  Priority: 5 Daemon                                                                                                              
        Thread: XmlBlaster.SocketDriver  Priority: 5 Daemon                                                                                                              
        Thread: XmlBlaster.HttpIORServer  Priority: 5 Daemon                                                                                                             
        Thread: Timer-0  Priority: 5 Daemon                                                                                                                              
[... lots of other normal things ...]
        Thread: XmlBlaster.SSLSOCKET.SSL.tcpListener-poka  Priority: 5 Daemon
[80+ more of this!]

So the user poka connects through SSL, and somehow it left a thread for every single login I did. The client automatically disconnects every time, and this user has a session timeout of a few ten minutes, so everything should be cleared at most one hour after the last activity of user poka.
What could have gone wrong? I can't stress enough that the XmlBlaster version did not change, nor did the configuration.
I'll try a new version from SVN right now. Also did increate max. stack size, but this does not fix the "thread leak" issue.

thanks for any tips,
Balázs Póka