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Re: [xmlblaster] thread/mem leak?

Póka Balázs wrote:
Hello Folks!

Some days ago I began to experience OutOfMemoryExceptions with my XmlBlaster server instance. It's not the newest version (will try that now though). The interesting thing is that is began only a few days ago, before that there were no problems, I had my server running for many weeks. In my use case there are many non-persistent, small messages to one topic. After I got the exception I dumped the state of the server and the thread list looked like this (which, I think, is the cause for the problem):

Thread Group: main Max Priority: 10

Thread: XmlBlaster.MainThread Priority: 5

Thread: XmlBlaster.SessionTimer Priority: 5 Daemon

Thread: XmlBlaster.SocketDriver Priority: 5 Daemon

Thread: XmlBlaster.HttpIORServer Priority: 5 Daemon

Thread: Timer-0 Priority: 5 Daemon

[... lots of other normal things ...]
Thread: XmlBlaster.SSLSOCKET.SSL.tcpListener-poka Priority: 5 Daemon
[80+ more of this!]

So the user poka connects through SSL, and somehow it left a thread for every single login I did. The client automatically disconnects every time, and this user has a session timeout of a few ten minutes, so everything should be cleared at most one hour after the last activity of user poka.
What could have gone wrong? I can't stress enough that the XmlBlaster version did not change, nor did the configuration.
I'll try a new version from SVN right now. Also did increate max. stack size, but this does not fix the "thread leak" issue.

thanks for any tips,
Balázs Póka
Hi again,

yes, please take the newest xmlBlaster from svn, this simplifies it for us.
Could you then please start xmlBlaster in a tool like OptimizeIt
and see if/how your use case produces leaks?

Thank you