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Re: [xmlblaster] Problem with Receive

Hi Marcel,

I've run into a similar problem again but this time, it is when I exit the client program. I get
the same error message as:
XmlBlasterException errorCode=[user.configuration] serverSideException=false
location=[ClientDispatchConnectionsHandler-connection:client/client1/1] message=[#15439
Synchronous GET on oid='__cmd:client/client1/?subjectQueueEntries' is not possible in
offline/polling mode. 

If I publish additional messages to the client (ie. client1 above), and then restart the client
program, none of the messages are delivered as the client is sitting there waiting for messages. I
checked the persistent table in Firebird database and I can see the messages are still there.
However, if I shutdown xmlBlaster server and restart it, all the messages are then delivered to
the client. 

So, basically, if you are confused, here is what I did in sequence:

1. Startup xmlblaster server
2. startup client and log into server as client1. calls receive with no timeout (blocking)
3. startup test publisher.
4. publish a message to client1.
5. client1 receives message. calls receive with no timeout (blocking)
6. close client1. Client1 disconnects using con.disconnect(). Error message appears in log file.
7. publish a message to client1.
8. startup client and log into server as client1. calls blocking receive method.
9. client1 does not receive message.
9a. publish another message to client1.
9b. client1 does not receive message.
10. restart xmlblaster server.
11. client1 receive all messages.

I'm not sure why I'm getting this message on a disconnect but could it have anything to do with
the blocking receive? I'm basically disconnecting the client when the blocking receive hasn't
returned anything yet. So I'm thinking the server must do some sort of communication with the
client and since the client is not there anymore throws the error message?

Any suggestions?


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