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[xmlblaster] Problem with Receive


I'm a little confused on where the problem lies. I quickly wrote a simple test program which calls
the Receive method. The actual command looks like this:

msgs = con.receive ("client/"+userName, 1, -1, true);

So that means I want only 1 message and wait forever until I get it and remove it from the queue
when received. Now, I published a message and the receive successfully got the message. I then ran
the program again and this time I didn't publish a message to see if it would really wait
forever... but after a while, I got this message:

XmlBlasterException errorCode=[user.configuration] serverSideException=false
location=[ClientDispatchConnectionsHandler-connection:client/client1/1] message=[#15428
Synchronous GET on oid='__cmd:client/client1/?subjectQueueEntries' is not possible in
offline/polling mode. See
'http://www.xmlBlaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/client.failsafe.html' for more details. : ]
[See URL

I'm not sure what this message means but does it have anything to do with my connection settings
before calling receive?


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