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Re: [xmlblaster] [newbie] Mail communication

Like you send a message via email and its content would be redirected to a Java application that would also be connected to XMLBlaster. Maybe I talk nuts and this is no goal of XMLBlaster :) sorry for that and thanks for your answer.

2006/9/21, Marcel Ruff <mr at marcelruff.info>:
Martin Schlienger wrote:
> Hello
> I tried to setup a mail communication with xmlBlaster. I followed your
> howto. James is working and tested with thunderbird an the provided
> stand alone apps.
> then I launched xmlBlaster with the plugins conf provided and nothing
> happens when sending mail (always with thunderbird). I can retrieve
> the mail with the standalone pop3 client provided which uses the same
> parameters as xmlBlaster (concerning address and account).
The description
is quite exact and should work.
Please double check the logging output of xmlBlaster.
> Apart from that, is there any possible way to make a mail to xxx
> communication? like someone sending an email message  with an XML
> document object that would be parsed in a Java application.
I don't understand exactly what you are after here.

> thank you
> martin