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[xmlblaster] Design Questioin

I am still trying to pile through xmlblaster to determine all that it
can do, so I apologize if this is a stupid series of questions.

I am working on an application that consists of three components: a
client, a management server, and a audit server.  The clients are used
to log in(to the management server) with various access levels to
schedule events, download completed audits, add users, etc.  The
Management server is used to process client requests, accept new
audits/commands from the clients, distribute commands/audits evenly to
the audit servers, and report responses.  The audit server, accepts
commands, performs actions, and reports results.

Now, my question is really with respect to the management server.

I wish to "send" commands to the management server to be destined for
the audit servers, however, I want the management server to apply some
"logic" as to which audit server gets the action request.  So, finally
to my question:

Should I publish a "management" channel via the management server from
which clients can issue commands, and then request point to point
channels to the servers so I can poll information and send specific
commands to each based on my "logic"(I need two way comm between my
audit servers and the management server, however, I don't necessarily
need broadcast capabilities, only point to point).

I hope this email is not too "abstract" to get my general design
question across, if it is, let me know and I will apply more detail.

Thank You,