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Re: [xmlblaster] Clarification on Master/Slave clustering when Master is down...

David R Robison wrote:
I just wanted to clarify a point on how the current version of XMLBlaster works in the Master/Slave Clustering. I have three nodes, A/B/C. A is the master for domain DATA, B is a slave of A, and C is a slave of B. In normal operations, messages for the domain DATA are sent to node A and then available at node C through node B. If, however, node A is down and I start sending the messages for domain DATA to node B, I understand that the messages will be queued for A and sent to A (the master for the domain) when it returns back on-line. While the messages are being sent to node B, will they be available to node C as well or will they not be available until A comes back online and the messages resync'ed with the master (node A)?


I think what you are after is dirtyRead which is supported.