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Re: [xmlblaster] failsave problems

koen.boutsen at ibsbe.be wrote:


1. When the client cannot get a connection with the xmlblaster server during the publishing of a document, I want it to be saved in an Oracle database.
I see in the database that when I run the publish class, a table xb_entries is created. But nothing is written in it. How can I achieve that ?
Use the command line example at
They do peristent client side queueing if the server is lost.
(This works for our C++ clients as well)
You can easily verify it by running the example.

2. If this works, how can I make shure that, whenever the xmlblaster server is back online, this save document is published back on the xmlblaster ?
see 1.

3. If the document is published, another client can get this document. How can this client acknowledge the receiving of the document, so that the document is removed from xml blaster ?
All subscribers consume the document, they will receive it only once.
The ACK is send automatically after your update() method of the subscribers returns.

The document is available in a history queue inside xmlBlaster for other purposes, you can switch off the history
queue on demand:
The default history depth per topic is 10, so the 11th document will throw out the first.


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