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Re: [xmlblaster] proposed xmlrpc plugin


there is something quite similar to what you want to implement: its the
persitent http connection described at:


or also the new code for the org.xmlBlaster.protocol.http.ajax.AjaxServlet

(particularly look at the updatePollBlocking part). Here an ajax client
invokes the servlet: the servlet waits until at least x messages (x
would be one here) are available and then returns. Since some proxies
may close never returning connections a timeout can be given: after that
time the function returns and the client part can invoke it again.

I think there you can find the similarities to XmlRpc.

All right, thanks, I'll see what I can do using that.

Cool that you update the xmlrpc protocol !

I found it quite necessary, because it has extended features I need (like gzip compression, HTTP proxy support) which were either not part of the XML-RPC specification or not implemented in version 2.x . I'll get back to you when its working.