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[xmlblaster] Exception in the method I_Session.init


I 'm using Xmlblaster 1.6

I implemented my own class implementing the interface I_Session

In the method 
public String init(I_SecurityQos securityQos) throws XmlBlasterException
I throws the exception when the user cannot connect to the server (wrong
password ...)
	new XmlBlasterException (this.global
                               , ErrorCode.USER_ILLEGALARGUMENT
                               , ""
                               , e.getMessage());  

All works perfectly, but it does not work for one particular case:
   1) The client is connected to the Server A in fail safe mode with a
specified number of retries.
   2) The server A is stopped and restarted with another database
   3) the client tries to connect again to the Server A but cannot
because the database has changed and the client does
      Not have anymore the rights to connect to the Server.

Here the problem is that the connection of the client will never die
even if the number of retries is exceeded.

I fixed this problem by throwing the exception:
                throw new XmlBlasterException (this.global
                        , ErrorCode.USER_SECURITY_AUTHENTICATION
                        , ""
                        , e.getMessage());    
In the method I_Session.init (I_SecurityQos securityQos).

But with this exception, when the client invokes
I_XmlBlasterAccess.connect it never throws an exception even if the
password is not the good one :(
The connection is dead OK but the client cannot know that the connection
is refused because the password is the bad one.

So my question is "What is the good exception to throw in the method

Thanks in advance,