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Re: [xmlblaster] xmlrpc v3 plugin; callback timing?


> you are right that the timer is overwritten , but this is a behaviour
> which is desidered when the state first changes from alive to polling,
> on the next sweep the delay will not be overwritten since the
> reconnect=false.
> The logs however are wrong, I will fix them.

You're saying the polling is really only done (after the first try) at
the interval I specified, but the log is reporting it every 400 ms?
I'm absolutely sure I saw these messages at exactly 400 ms intervals.
I went through the code myself, it's quite complicated, I may have
missed something or I may have implemented the new XMLRPC plugin

> For the XMLRPC Code of course we would be more than happy, as you
> mentionned earlier the old XMLRPC Library is kind of outdated.

All right, I'll get to it and send you the source when 1 or 2
remaining issues are fixed.