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Re: [xmlblaster] Unknown log file message

Hi David,

could it be related to your SYSTEM/-9 SESSION_LIFETIME_MINUTES?

If your client does no publishes during SESSION_LIFETIME_MINUTES xmlBlaster
will destroy the session -9.
Your client then tries to reconnect, will create a new server session -10
and continue.
Does your SYSTEM client subscribe on dead messages?

Please try to set

What is the logging output of xmlBlaster when your client is disconnected?


David R Robison wrote:
Sorry for the delay in getting back with you, I was on vacation. To answer your question, we are seeing frequent disconnects of the client and the service. We are in the process of trying to identify what the problem is, but are sure that it is on our side. The messages are being sent via a plugin to xmlBlaster and the client subscribes for the messages. The client connects as:

* Connect to the xmlBlaster.
* at param clientUsername the client's username
* at param clientPassword the client's password
public void connect(String clientUsername, String clientPassword) {
xmlBlaster = global.getXmlBlasterAccess();
connectionState = DGConnectionStates.CONNECTING;
DGConnectionManager.getInstance().fireUpdateConnectionState(this, connectionState);

// ConnectQos checks -session.name and -passwd from command line
ConnectQos qos = null;
if ((clientUsername != null && !clientUsername.equals("")) && (clientPassword != null && !clientPassword.equals(""))) {
try { qos = new ConnectQos(global, clientUsername, clientPassword); } catch (Exception e) { }
} else {
try { qos = new ConnectQos(global); } catch (Exception e) { }
qos.getClientQueueProperty().setMaxEntries(1000); // queue up to 1000 messages
qos.setSessionTimeout(SESSION_LIFETIME_MINUTES * 60 * 1000L); //set session to expire in session_timeout_mins minutes.

       // Login to xmlBlaster, register for updates
       try {
           xmlBlaster.connect(qos, this);
       } catch (XmlBlasterException e) {
           log.warn("Error connecting to Data Gateway: " + e);
           reachedPolling(ConnectionStateEnum.UNDEF, xmlBlaster);

I'm not sure if the queue overflowed, I'll have to look deeper into the logs. Does this help? Thanks, David Robison

Marcel Ruff wrote:
David R Robison wrote:
My logfile has a lot of the following types of messages, what to they mean and how can I better handle them? Thanks, David

INFO | jvm 1 | 2007/10/11 17:47:58 | Oct 11, 2007 5:47:58 PM WARNING 8255-XmlBlaster.DispatchWorkerPool.StauntonSTC-143 RL10 org.xmlBlaster.engine.RequestBroker deadMessage: Recursive message 'callback:/node/StauntonSTC/client/SYSTEM/-9/MAX/1192139148942000004/DomainHeartbeat-Albemarle911' is error handled already (sent as dead letter), we ignore it.

Hi David,

could you please provide more details?
Is the client 'SYSTEM/-9' disappearing frequently?
How are the connect settings?
Does your callback queue overflow?
Is it a PtP or a subscribed message?


Marcel Ruff