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[xmlblaster] xmlBlaster with HTTP

I begin to work with xmlBlaster for my degree's Project, it will be deployed in a server under a firewall so 80 port with HTTP is open (or even HTTPS ) .
well, I have some quetions :
1) can I work with XmlRpc protocol already in xmlBlaster ? will I work with xmlBlaster servelet ?

2) using Socket protocol, I could change properties for clients like HelloWorld6 and the server in command line , but I don' work for xmlrpc :
for client :

// Change hard-coded the protocol and server lookup:
String[] args = { "-protocol", "XMLRPC",
"-dispatch/connection/plugin/xmlrpc/hostname", "server.xxx.zz",
"-dispatch/connection/plugin/xmlrpc/port", "8080", // I try with 8080 to not use root access
"-dispatch/connection/plugin/socket/localHostname", "client.xxx.zz",
"-dispatch/connection/plugin/xmlrpc/localPort", "8080"

for server : the command line :
java -jar lib/xmlBlaster.jar -plugin/xmlrpc/port 8080

I had for client :

2008-03-06 15:31:08.909  INFO  10-main org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.xmlrpc.XmlRpcConnection init: Created 'XMLRPC' protocol plugin to connect to xmlBlaster server
2008-03-06 15:31:09.32  INFO  10-main org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.xmlrpc.XmlRpcConnection connectLowlevel: Created XmlRpc client to http://server.xxx.zz:8080/
2008-03-06 15:31:09.70  INFO  10-main org.xmlBlaster.util.dispatch.DispatchConnection handleTransition: Connection 'XMLRPC' transition UNDEF -> ALIVE: Success, DispatchConnection-connection:client/abid_zie1204813867398 connected.
2008-03-06 15:31:09.192  INFO  10-main org.xmlBlaster.util.dispatch.DispatchManager switchToSyncMode: connection:client/abid_zie1204813867398: Switched to synchronous message delivery
2008-03-06 15:31:09.317 SEVERE  10-main javaclients.HelloWorld6 <init>: Houston, we have a problem: errorCode=user.configuration message=#exported Local host IP 'server.xxx.zz' for XMLRPC callback server is invalid: java.io.IOException: Cannot assign requested address
Success, hit a key to exit

( I can ping server.xxx.zz and client.xxx.zz )

So wan't wrong here ?

3) if, I want to add this properties in xmlBlaster.properties , how can I do it? I'll try to put lines like :

# after the line 87 : CbProtocolPlugin[XMLRPC][1.0]=org.xmlBlaster.protocol.xmlrpc.CallbackXmlRpcDriver

#test if proprities work for XmlRpc:

I hope that isn't too much questions ... thanks for your time and your answers