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[xmlblaster] ANN: Delphi client for xmlBlaster

*March 9, 2008 - betasoft, independent software developer for CodeGear*(tm)* Delphi and for the Java*(tm)* platform, is pleased to announce Habari XB Client for CodeGear Delphi(tm). *Habari XB Client (former working title XB_Connect) is a component which can be used to connect applications with the xmlBlaster Open Source MOM (message-oriented middleware). The final release is planned for the second quarter of 2008.

A demo application will be available for download at http://www.mikejustin.com/download/HabariXB-demo.zip
New releases of Habari XB Client will be announced on the betasoft homepage.

Early adopters will receive access to the source code development snapshots, and a developer license with extended software assurance (upgrade protection until July 31, 2009).

Michael Justin
betasoft - Software for Delphiâ and for the Javaâ platform