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[xmlblaster] Publish return Qos without 'state' element

Dear all

The specification for some return Qos does not match the actual values which I receive from xmlBlaster 1.6.2.


  <state id='OK' info='QUEUED[bilbo]'/>
  <key oid='MyMessageOid'/>
  <rcvTimestamp nanos='1042815836675000001'/>


In my tests, the 'state' element is not in the return Qos, instead there is a 'isPublish' element.
<key oid='MyMessageOid'/>
<rcvTimestamp nanos='1207639606687000000'/>

The new isPublish element is very helpful to see that it is the answer to the publish command. I assume that the state is just no longer neccessary because problems will be reported as XmlBlasterException?

Best Regards

Michael Justin
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