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Re: [xmlblaster] Publish return Qos without 'state' element

Michael Justin wrote:
Dear all

The specification for some return Qos does not match the actual values which I receive from xmlBlaster 1.6.2.


  <state id='OK' info='QUEUED[bilbo]'/>
  <key oid='MyMessageOid'/>
  <rcvTimestamp nanos='1042815836675000001'/>
The state tag is omited if
(the default) and no info attribute is filled.
On publish other states are not returned, however the info attribute may contain a local queued hint.

On 'unrecoverable' publish failure you get an XmlBlasterException
(the responsibility to take care on the message is bounced back to you).



In my tests, the 'state' element is not in the return Qos, instead there is a 'isPublish' element.
<key oid='MyMessageOid'/>
<rcvTimestamp nanos='1207639606687000000'/>

The new isPublish element is very helpful to see that it is the answer to the publish command. I assume that the state is just no longer neccessary because problems will be reported as XmlBlasterException?

Best Regards

Marcel Ruff
Phone: +49 7551 309371