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Re: [xmlblaster] Http and Socket

Zied ABID wrote:
hi all,

For deployment reason I have to work with http or https traffic, I thank that xmlrpc protocol will be a solution, but the callback server is not tolerated either ...
I think now about 2 ways :

1) to work with socket protocol and adding a http connection between clients and server ...
If there is no proxy (squid et al) and / or restrictive firewall in the way using SOCKET is the way to go.
Callbacks are tunneled back.

2) work with client.browser and code something for a java Client ...
If there is a company proxy and firewall inhibiting the direct socket access from inside to outside
but http is working fine using a company proxy you can try the applet, it will
use the browsers proxy settings and nicely connect to the outside xmlBlaster server.


So , what do think , is a better way ? Do you have others ideas, advices ... ?



PS : my work is open source, so if some one has already done something it will be very helpful to send it, if not, I hope doing something and I'll do it :)

Marcel Ruff
Phone: +49 7551 309371