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Re: [xmlblaster] Question regarding client safe mode for subscription

Louis CHAMPION wrote:

It's seems there something that I don't understand concerning the client safe mode. I have used the HelloWorld4.class and HelloWorldSubscribe.class in order to understand how it works. I will explain my needs, what I have done and what is my problem. Actually I can subscribe to receive messages from a topic (the subscription is persisted). When I stop xml blaster, my class try to reconnect to xml blaster. When xml blaster is back online, my class reconnect to xml blaster and I can receive the new messages that match my Xpath query from the subcription. However, when I stop the thread that is running through my class and launch it again (the subscription is persisted again) I will receive all the new messages twice . So I wanted to know how could I make a persisted subscription only once (with safe mode subscription).

Hi Louis,

probably you just need to set in SubscribeQos



in Java:

I hope it helps

Marcel Ruff